Postage Information

When you place an order before 3pm, and usually before 4pm, we will do our best to get it in the post that day (Monday to Friday when the Post Office is open). We rarely fail.

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If you post on the Weekend, your order will be posted on Monday.

We are based in Brisbane so of course, the closer you are to us, the quicker your items are likely to reach you. For customers in remote WA or Tasmania, this can take a while.

If you order your parts Express Post and you live in the Express Post area, the Post Office guarantees next day delivery. Occasionally, they fail! Please understand, this is beyond our control. Although we sympathise greatly, we cannot do anything about it.

If you live outside the Express Post area, delivery will take longer. It will still be considerably quicker than standard post, especially if you are far from Brisbane. Commonly, it takes around 3 days, but depending where you are, it can be as long as 6 days. Again, there is nothing we can do about this.

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To find out if you are in the Express Post area, check the link HERE. and scroll down to “Express Post Delivery Postcodes. Click on it and it will bring up a list of postcodes which are in the Express Post area. Please note that if you live in WA and are OUTSIDE OF PERTH CBD then you will not be in the Express Post area.

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