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New style Roca dual flush valve with screw in button pegs, product code ATS074. You can use this valve to upgrade from the old style push rod valve as it fits directly on the same cradle. You will however, also need the correct length new style button with screw in pegs. Product Code of buttons is either ATS072 (short) or ATS073 (long).

To see a video of how to fit the button and valve click here. Button starts at 3 minute mark:

Roca part number AH0004800R

Remember, when replacing the flush valve, it is a good idea to also replace the inlet valve. These items have a similar lifespan and you don't want to be doing this job twice. Have a look at our inlet valves, they are probably much cheaper than you expect. (scroll down or look under “Inlet Valves” on the blue ribbon above)


Also, for adjustment of your valve, have a look at our page explaining how they work. This will give a good idea of how to adjust them. Start with the single flush valves and then read about the dual flush valves.

The explanation is here:

Toilet manufacturers rarely make parts which look the same but are slightly different. Check the photos and dimensions and if it looks identical then it probably is.

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New style Roca dual flush valve with screw in button pegs, product code ATS074. 

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