Caroma Toilet Parts

Are you having troubles with your Caroma toilet? 

Like the old joke says "Is your toilet running?  Then go catch it!"  And that is actually wise advice, if you are experiencing a leaking toilet then you could be wasting 5000 litres per day.

Caroma toilets have been in business for over 80 years, starting off in Australia and include the Fowler Toilet range as well.  They are known for the first two-button dual flush toilet system.

What Caroma replacement spare parts are available?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Caroma toilet then you might need to replace the Caroma inlet valve, the Caroma dual flush valve, the Caroma diaphragms or Caroma seals.  You can find all these Caroma spare part replacement items in our Caroma collection.

If the toilet is leaking it is likely to be the inlet valve or seals, if it is running into the toilet basin then it could be either the inlet valve or the dual flush valve.  Although you can perhaps narrow in to which one by listening if the toilet tank is ghost flushing (i.e. refilling occasionally by itself).  If this is occurring then it is likely to be the dual flush valve that needs replacing.

If you need some assistance to understand about your toilet repairs  and Caroma Cistern parts then see some of our explanation videos at our YouTube Channel

At we have the Caroma Cistern toilet replacement parts you need to get your Caroma toilet running like new again.