Inlet Valves

Are you experiencing issues with your toilet's water flow? Whether you have a toilet that fills slowly, makes excessive noise, or constantly runs, we have the perfect solution for you. Our exceptional selection of inlet valve toilets are designed to address these common problems. Whether your cistern has a bottom entry or side entry, our range of inlet valves is suitable for both types.

Installing our inlet valves is a breeze, and they are compatible with most leading toilet brands. Whether you after a Novelli, WDI, Bestter, Fowler, Villeroy, Geberit, Wickes, Ceramica, Grohe, Caroma, Valsir, or any other popular brand, our inlet valves are guaranteed to fit seamlessly. Say goodbye to the frustrations caused by slow filling, noisy, or running toilets. Upgrade to our reliable inlet valve toilets and enjoy a hassle-free bathroom experience.