Imperial Toilet Parts - Do they still make the Imperial Impulse Dual Flush Toilet Flush Valve?

Impulse Imperial Toilet Flush Valves

People often ask us, is the impulse Imperial flush valve still made or manufactured? The short answer to that question, is no you can't get Imperial toilet parts. However, don’t be disheartened. There is no need to pull out your old imperial toilet cistern and throw it away. Here at, we can sell you a replacement kit which will upgrade your toilet with a more modern style of flush valve than the Imperial flush valve.

Most toilet manufacturers do not manufacture the valves that go in the toilet cistern. Normally they purchase these from specialist companies. There are only a limited number of toilet valve manufacturers which means that they are very large and stable companies.

Toilet fashions change regularly. Styles, colours, and design are all somewhat fickle. There is far more competition amongst toilet manufacturers than among flush valve makers. Toilet manufacturers are consequently more likely to go out of business.

Imperial was one toilet manufacturer which made its own dual flush toilet valve, the Impulse. Consequently, when they went out of business, people with Imperial toilet cisterns were left without an original replacement flush valve for imperial toilets.

Our solution for the Impulse Imperial Flush Valve

The solution is to install a modern flush valve from a large, established valve manufacturer which is likely to be making the same valves in 10 or 20 years’ time (valves don’t change very often).

We recommend the Bestter flush valve which is high quality, robust and competitively priced to replace the imperial toilet parts. It also comes with a wide variety of buttons in most shapes and sizes for most toilet cisterns.

We sell the Imperial Impulse replacement valves in a kit which includes the valve, the button and a foam washer. The washer fits between the cistern and the pan in a close coupled suite. This is all you will need to do the job to replace the Imperial Impulse flush valve.

The operation entails removing the cistern from the pan. This is fairly simple and is demonstrated in our video HERE:

To purchase the kit, simply CLICK HERE and chose the valve which suits your button hole.

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