What are my Options if I Have to Replace the Flush Valve?

If you can find the same type of flush valve, then replacement should be a simple operation. Most valves will unclip near the bottom and the new top part of the valve can be simply clipped on to the existing basket.

(If you are unsure as to the make of your flush valve, just take a few photos with your phone and send them to us at info@toiletspares.com.au or text to 0415 614 847 for identification and matching from our stock.)

If you cannot find an exact replacement for your flush valve, you may be able to replace the entire valve with a similar model, providing your toilet system is the two piece, “close coupled suite.”

A “close-coupled suite” means that the cistern unit sits directly on top of the toilet bowl and can be removed by unscrewing the two wingnuts under the cistern.

See a video of how to do this HERE