Finding a New Flush Valve or a Dual Flush Button for the Toilet in Your Sydney Home

Water conservation is a vital consideration for every homeowner, not just as a matter of protecting the environment, but to prevent your water charges from reaching astronomical levels. A hidden leak that goes on for weeks at a time, though, can defeat even the most careful water usage habits. One of the most common household leaks that can develop concerns the toilet flush valve in your bathroom. Over time, this common and vital component can wear out, allowing a persistent leak to develop between your cistern and the bowl of the toilet. As a result of this leak, the toilet system consistently behaves as though it’s low on water. Over time, this constant draining and filling cycle can consume an excessive amount of water.

Sometimes only the seal for the valve fails; in other cases, the entire flush valve should undergo replacement. When a leak in this component develops, it’s not a sign that the entire toilet is destined for the scrap heap. On the contrary, you can save time and money by undertaking the installation of a new valve. Not only will it allow you to save on your water bill, but it will keep your toilet in good operating condition for many more years. At Toilet Spares, we're here to help you locate the precise parts you need to make that happen.