Get a Push Button Replacement for Your Toilet ASAP, When Your Order from

The flush button on your toilet is broken, to the point where you can’t even flush your toilet properly. The good news is that installing a new toilet button is a relatively easy repair that most people should be able to manage without a call to the plumber. The bad news is that you may have to put an ‘out of order’ sign on the toilet in question until you can find and install the proper replacement component. Luckily, can help.

Offering the Parts You Need as Quickly as Possible

At, our goal is to make servicing and repairing your toilet as quickly as possible. What most people don’t realise is that when a toilet is ‘broken,’ the problem is isolated to one small part of the overall system. If your toilet won’t flush, the problem is likely with the toilet push button—not with the cistern or toilet bowl itself. Knowing where to find the toilet parts you need makes repairing your toilet a simple matter of replacing a single component, rather than paying big money to replace the entire toilet. Plus, knowing how to trade out parts like the flush button or even the flush valve will save you from making costly and unnecessary calls to your local plumber. (Contact regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction to ensure that this is permitted).

Our online store is the perfect place to shop for a toilet button replacement. We have a wide variety of parts from a slew of different brands, include Aimas, Caroma, Fowler, Grohe and Kohler—among others. If you need a button for a toilet, there is an excellent chance that we have the part you need in stock. Going to your nearest hardware or department store, your odds of finding precisely the part you need would typically not be as good as they would be with us.

Best of all, we do everything we can to get you your part as soon as possible. We know that having an ‘out of order’ toilet is not something most households can deal with for very long. In fact, probably the number one reason that many homeowners call a plumber to deal with toilet issues—rather than dealing with them on a DIY basis—is convenience. Plumbers can be there in a matter of hours to provide a repair. Fortunately, since is an Australian based business, we can get our products to customers very quickly. In fact, if you order Express Post shipping, we can get your parts to you the next day.