Sourcing Flush Valves or a Dual Flush Button for a Repair Job in Melbourne

Over time, everything wears down – even if it’s difficult or almost impossible to see the damage accumulating until it’s too late. In other words, sometimes things just break; when those things happen to be in your bathroom, it can be a nuisance. For example, you might press your dual flush button for the last time before the mechanism inside finally gives way, leaving you with no easy way to flush the toilet. The plastic seals and components that spend all their time immersed in the water will become brittle over time, too, and can ultimately cause slow, steady leaks that cost you month after month.

Just because one component wears out doesn't mean that all is lost, however. With the help of a parts supplier such as Toilet Spares, you can find parts to fit any toilet in your home — even old Imperial toilets whose parts are no longer actively manufactured. Whether you're planning to work on the toilet yourself or you want to supply parts to a licensed plumber for a quick fix, Toilet Spares delivers a service characterised not only by the easy availability of compatible parts, but by our technical knowledge, too. How can we help you find the valves, seals, and buttons you need to get the job done?