Watermark Toilet Inlet valves and Dual Flush Toilet Outlet Valves

Many people ask us “Where can I find a replacement for a Watermark dual flush toilet valve,” or “where can I find a replacement for a Watermark toilet inlet valve.”


This is actually a false question because “Watermark” is not a brand of toilet. Watermark is actually an Australian Standard which applies to plumbing products sold in Australia.



When you see “Watermark” on the side of an Australian toilet cistern, it means that the toilet is rated as a high enough standard to meet our specifications.



Watermark Toilet Dual Flush Valves


Dual Flush toilet valves do not need watermark certification as they are only a part of the entire toilet. It is the Toilet cistern which will have “Watermark” stamped on the side of it.



The Watermark standard only applies to the efficiency of a total unit. That means that a toilet dual flush valve (sometimes called a Toilet dual flush outlet valve) cannot have a watermark standard applied to it.



Watermark Toilet Inlet Valve Replacement


Obviously, a “Watermark” brand toilet inlet valve is not a thing either. As we said earlier, “Watermark” is an Australian standard and is not a brand for toilet inlet valves either.



If you do find that you need a toilet fill valve and the only thing you can see on the side of the toilet is a watermark sticker, then you have two choices.



So, How Can I Identify My Toilet Valve?


Either, you can click on the inlet valve tab at the top of our website homepage which is at toiletspares.com.au. There, you can look through our extensive selection of Toilet fill valves.



Alternatively, you could email or text us a photo of your toilet fill valve and we will either identify it for you or suggest an alternative toilet inlet valve that you may need.



We have a huge range of toilet inlet valves at competitive prices so you should be able to find what you need. Whether they are bottom entry toilet inlet valves or side entry toilet inlet valves, we stock a huge range.



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