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Your floor drains are an open access from the sewer! They don’t stop insects, vermin and bad odours invading your home. The answer is…. Drain Mate.

Drain Mate® fits into your existing floor drain (no need for major plumbing – in fact you can install it yourself). Proudly invented, designed and made in Australia from the idea, “necessity is the mother of invention”. The drainmate is approx 76mm outside diameter to fit inside your drain.

Drain Mate® traps bad odours and pests before they can enter through your open sewer drains. It will reduce drain noise and stops drains overflowing.

If your floor drains are doing only half the job, you need Drain Mate®.

Drain Mate® is a one way floor drain that fits easily into your existing standard 100mm (4”) floor drain. Its unique, self closing trap door allows waste to pass through, returning to a hygienic closed position, trapping odours, pests and overflow.


What size floor drain does the Drain Mate fit?

Drain Mate fits into your existing standard 100mm (4 inches) floor drain.

What are the other requirements for Drain Mate?

  • The existing floor grate is cylindrical (the collar that the grate fits into can be square or another shape);
  • The existing floor grate will allow one of our supplied screws to pass through the middle to be used to attach the Drain Mate unit to your existing floor grate; &
  • There is sufficient allowance under the floor grate for the Drain Mate unit (see below for dimensions). 

Do you make a Drain Mate to fit a smaller drain, say 80mm or 50mm?

No, we only have a 100mm Drain Mate. 100mm is the standard size for a floor waste drain in NSW and QLD.

Do I need to buy a new floor grate to fit the Drain Mate?

No, Drain Mate is designed to fit your existing 100mm floor grate. It comes with 4 washers and will retro fit 5 different manufacturer types of floor grate (the fourth washer is double sided). We believe that the washers cover 85% of the manufactured round 100mm floor grates, the most common being either the snowflake design or the slotted grill grate. The only requirement is that the grate has the ability to have our screw, which we provide, go through the middle to affix our Drain Mate (most of them do).

Does Drain Mate fit a square tile grate?

No. Drain Mate fits your existing round grates that fit into 100mm floor waste drain.

To eliminate the sewer smell in my bathroom do I need to install a Drain Mate in the shower as well as the floor drain?

No. You only need to install Drain Mate in the floor waste drain to eliminate the sewer smell. Even when the smell appears to be coming from the shower, by installing Drain Mate in your floor waste drain it will cut off the circulation of air through the drain and stop the smell. Further, most shower waste drain will be less than 100mm and consequently our Drain Mate will not fit them.

If my shower waste drain is 100mm, can I still install the Drain Mate to stop pests coming back up the drain?

Yes, Drain Mate can operate in your 100mm shower floor waste and has been watermark certified to allow sufficient water flow out.

I have an outside 150 mm waste drain that has a smell, can you help?

You can obtain a “reducer” to reduce the gap from 150mm to 100mm. Depending on whether your drain cover is urban ware or PVC, you can either concrete or glue in the reducer and then insert the 100 mm grate with our Drain Mate attached.

I have a chrome grate for my 100 mm floor drain with slots, but no hole in the middle for the screw – will Drain Mate fit?

Whilst there is no separate hole in the middle of the grate, our supplied screw will pass through the middle slot into the Drain Mate unit.  For most chrome grates with slots, there will be some locking lugs on the underside (used to lock the grate in place) and our double-sided washer will be the one to use.  Chrome grates, with no lugs on the underside, will most likely use the middle-sized washer.

Why do you supply four washers, will I need them all?

Drain Mate is designed to retro fit about 85% of the manufactured floor grates.  To do this, we have designed 4 washers that will fit the Drain Mate unit to your existing floor grate.  The washers are classified as large, medium, small and double sided.  The double-sided washer fits two different types of floor grates.  You will only need to use one of the washers, the remaining you can either return to us or dispose of responsibly (see below re recyclable status of Drain Mate).

Why do I get 2 screws?

Drain Mate is attached to your existing floor grate by one of our two supplied screws.  It passes through your existing floor grate (either the hole in the middle of the floor grate or through the middle slot in a chrome slotted type floor grate) and goes into the Drain Mate unit.

Whilst you only need to use one screw, we supply two, a white one and a second with a chrome-coloured top. You can then select the screw that matches your existing floor grate. The unused screw can be retained for future use or disposed of responsibly (refer our comments below about recycling Drain Mate).

I want to check if Drain Mate will fit before I buy, what are the dimensions?

Drain Mate’s dimensions are as follows:

  • Diameter of Drain Mate unit - 78mm
  • Depth of unit (flap door closed) - 56mm
  • Depth of unit (flap door open) - 82mm
  • Diameter of screw hole - 6mm

The dimensions of each washer are as follows:

  • Small washer 78 mm diameter. There is no recess; it sits on top of the Drain Mate unit;
  • Medium washer 85 mm diameter. It has a recess in which the drain mate unit fits;
  • Large washer 93 mm diameter. It has a recess in which the drain mate unit fits;
  • Double-sided washer 85 mm diameter. There are different recesses to fit grates with lugs.

How tight does Drain Mate need to be when attached to my existing floor grate?

You only need to finger tighten Drain Mate to your existing floor grate. Please do not over tighten as this could cause Drain Mate not to operate correctly. Over tightening can cause the Drain Mate unit to slightly change shape and result in the self closing door not returning to the closed position, after being opened by water flow.

My existing grate is broken; does Drain Mate supply a replacement floor grate?

We do not supply floor grates. The best option is to see if you can purchase a new floor grate that will fit into the collar in your floor. Take the existing floor grate to a plumbing supplies store so that they can match a floor grate that will fit into the collar in your floor. The new floor grate will come with a collar, which you will not require (as you will insert into the collar already fitted into your floor). New 100 mm floor grates start from around $20.

None of the supplied washers fit my existing floor grate

The washers supplied fit around 85% of those currently manufactured. This means that sometimes none of our supplied washers will be appropriate for your existing floor grate.  You can purchase a new floor grate (see previous FAQ re what to do if you have a broken floor grate) – ensuring that it is one that one of the four supplied washers will fit. We are aware that some customers have used one of the supplied washers and made their own alterations to make the washer fit the underside of the floor grate.

There is no hole or slot for the supplied screw to pass through

Some custom made or the more “fancy design” types of floor grates do not have a hole or gap in the middle to allow the screw to pass through.  Further, you may have a floor grate which has an indent in the middle, but no actual hole. Your options are either to drill a hole in the middle (easier for plastic floor grates than metal ones) or to purchase a replacement floor grate which has a hole in the middle or one of the slotted types that will allow the screw to pass through (see previous FAQ re what to do if you have a broken floor grate). We understand that you may not wish to replace or drill into your floor grate and consequently Drain Mate will not be able to be used in these situations.



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